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Police Officer

Apply now Job no: 495952
Work type: Full-time
Location: Oshkosh
Categories: University Staff


Working Title:  Police Officer
Official Title:  Police Officer
Employment Class:  University Staff
FTE:  1.0
Compensation:  $23/hr
Terms of Employment: Continuous 
Position Summary: Under the general supervision of a sergeant, lieutenant, captain and chief, the Police Officer position on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus serves 13,000 students, approximately 1400 employees, encompassing 58 buildings on more than 184 acres. Police Officers exercise full statutory arrest authority and are responsible for the enforcement of state laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the protection of life and property, and related protective services for the University community. The standard work hours encompass a 10 hour rotating shift assignment on one of the following shifts: 8:00 am to 6:00pm, 6:00 pm to 4:00 a.m., and 10:00 pm to 8:00 a.m.
The Police Officer is a sworn law enforcement position (State of WI, LESB certified) responsible for providing a full range of law enforcement services: enforce laws, investigate complaints, investigate incidents which may have an impact on the University, maintain order, assist people, identify criminal activity, apprehend and arrest offenders, identify the source of problems in the community and work with the community to resolve issues.
Police Officers are expected to embrace community policing philosophies, engage and partner with the community, analyze data and problem solve for the purpose of crime prevention. Officers are also expected to have the ability to conduct complex investigations, take photographs, collect physical evidence; prepare complete written reports of all investigations and testify regarding those reports. Police officers must maintain a high level of proficiency in the use of police equipment, the understanding and application of defense and arrest tactics including the handling and use of firearms and be capable of using deadly force when appropriate based on the laws of the State of Wisconsin and Department policy; work in cooperation with officers from other agencies and interact with persons from otherUniversity departments, mental health and social services agencies. Police officers may be required to participate in crowd control and dignitary protection details.
Officers may be selected to serve as Field Training Officers, Evidence Technicians or Hall Liaison Officers, in which additional training may be provided; be assigned to Court Liaison, Crime Prevention, Community Presentations or Detective duties.
Police Officers must at all times support the department's mission, providing essential law enforcement functions, respecting the rights and dignity of all individuals, deal ethically with the public, valuing trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, justice, fairness, caring, civic virtue and citizenship; having character, pride and professionalism.
A. Proactive Community Policing Strategies Police Officers are expected to embrace community policing philosophies, engage and partner with the community, analyze data and problem solve for the prevention of crime, fear and disorder.
1. Use problem solving strategies, critical-thinking, confident decision-making skills and appropriate use of discretion while engaging with partners to manage human behavior.
2. Analyze data, create crime prevention strategies, be accountable for and lead community services in your assigned geographical area. Work with the community to identify and resolve problems within the area your geographically responsible for.
3. Speak to and engage with the community on such topics as the police department, personal security, traffic safety, drug and alcohol issues, sexual violence and other critical law-enforcement topics.
4. Conduct checks of University physical properties and report / resolve maintenance and security discrepancies.
5. Develop knowledge of department and community resources to assist in directing public inquiries to appropriate available resources.
6. Provide leadership and mentoring for Community Service Officers.

B. Law Enforcement Activities The Police Officer is the principal agent responsible for carrying out the functions of the University Police Department. These functions include protection of life and property, preservation of peace and good order and the furnishing of various services to achieve and maintain the goals of the department.
1. Perform vehicle patrol, foot patrol and other means of patrol.
2. Provide crowd control duties at mass population events such as sporting events, concerts, protests, and appearances by visiting dignitaries.3. Evaluate and deliver persons incapacitated by alcohol to an appropriate medical / detoxification facility.
4. Evaluate mentally and emotionally disturbed persons, participate in emergency detentions and deliver persons to mental health facilities when appropriate.
5. Operate patrol vehicle under conditions ranging from routine to emergency conditions consistent with due regard for care and caution of other users of the roadway.
6. Operate various items of equipment used in enforcement patrol such as radar speed measuring devices, radio monitoring devices, radios, mobile data computers, cameras, digital recorders and fire extinguishers.
7. Qualify with duty weapons and maintain proficiency in their proper handling and guidelines for their discretionary use.
8. Take appropriate enforcement action, issue citations, effect arrest for violations detected; utilize defense and arrest tactics (DAAT) as authorized by department policy and laws of the State of WI.
9. Administer first aid to accident victims; utilize Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED); maintain certifications.
10. Respond to intrusion and assistance alarms. Respond to fire alarms to assist fire department personnel with vehicle or pedestrian traffic control and building access.11. Resolve conflict in domestic disturbances, conduct searches for missing persons, and assist with high-risk prisoner escorts.
12. Respond to critical incidents and establish an incident command system if one is not in place. Respond to critical incident and incident command situations in conformity with department policy.
13. Respond to incidents that may involve extreme violence and risk such as active shooter incidents and be able to effectively utilize specialized weaponry, training and tactics to bring these situations to a resolution.
14. Receive and disseminate information by radio, telephone, and computer. Communicate in person with the public. Coordinate communications between units within the Department and external agencies.
15. Provide armed escort and security for dignitaries, celebrities, and objects of value.

C. Criminal Investigations Perform preliminary and follow-up investigations necessary to solve crimes, identify suspects and victims, apprehend criminals and document case information.
1. Enforce State Statute and University Code violations through the apprehension of violators, while preserving the constitutional rights, dignity and safety of all persons. Physically arrest, issue citations and incarcerate when appropriate; testify as a court witness.
2. Identify persons in need of protective custody and place them in the appropriate facility.
3. Operate computer equipment to conduct inquiries in State and Federal data files.
4. Prepare complete, timely, concise, accurate and detailed reports using MS Word and Excel related to activities, incidents, or arrests and other periodic and special reports and correspondence.
5. Identify and obtain evidence in accordance with the Constitution, state law and case law. Protect evidence throughout an investigation. Preserve evidence through photography and other collection and processing techniques; secure and store evidence according to department policy.
6. Interview victims, witnesses and suspects; obtain written statements from suspects,witnesses and victims; inform victims of their rights and resources; develop personal contacts in the community to aid in crime prevention and detection efforts. Assist other agencies with investigations.
7. Conduct legal searches in conformity with the Constitution, state law and court guidelines.
8. Conduct on-scene and follow-up investigations involving violations of WI state law, University of WI System rules, accidents and other investigations as assigned by supervisors; document appropriate reports and forms.
D. Traffic Enforcement Ensure the safe and orderly flow of traffic on all University of Wisconsin roadways; enforce UW System Codes 18.06 and Wisconsin traffic laws regulating motor vehicles and their equipment.
1. Deter traffic accidents and violations by effective patrol and observations of high traffic areas and areas where accidents have been known to occur; perform vehicle contacts / traffic stops. Direct traffic during times of high volume pedestrian and or vehicular traffic.
2. Apprehend traffic law violators while preserving their constitutional rights, dignity and safety. Issue verbal and written warnings, issue citations, accept bail bond deposits and incarcerate persons when necessary or appropriate.
3. Operate speed violation detection devices when available.
4. Collect observational and physical evidence involving persons operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and or drugs.
5. Document all traffic stops and use department recommended methods of contact to ensure that all citizens are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.
6. Interview drivers, passengers and witnesses. Collect and properly preserve evidence.
7. Attend to emergency medical needs of accident victims, prior to the arrival of medical personnel.
8. Prepare narrative and Department of Transportation report forms when required.
E. Miscellaneous Duties
1. Attend unit staff meetings.
2. Attend in-service and special training sessions.
3. Conduct on-the-job training for new employees when assigned.
4. Participate in recruiting, interviewing and training efforts for Community Service Officers as assigned by department supervision.
5. Provide relief or emergency dispatch services for the Department.
6. Other duties as assigned.
• Other duties as assigned by the supervisor.
Required: 1. Effective written and oral communication skills to communicate, interact with and be respectful of a diverse community of students, co-workers, faculty/staff, guests and the general public.
2. Knowledge of federal, state and local laws, rules and principles embodied in case law (court decisions and the ability to apply this knowledge with discretion as it pertains to the laws of arrest, search and seizure, collection and preservation of evidence, and use of force).
3. Knowledge of current investigatory techniques and practices
4. Ability to observe and accurately recall facts or details about persons, events, accidents or crime scenes, physical conditions and individuals’ behavior.5. Ability to quickly assess situations and rapidly consider various options in choosing a course of action.
6. Ability to read, comprehend and execute complex written material and verbal instructions.
7. Ability to complete multiple tasks under stressful or crisis conditions.
8. Ability to utilize weaponry issued to police officers.
9. Basic computer skills to perform data entry and retrieval, word processing (MS Word), database skills (MS Excel), and internet.
10. Knowledge of federal, state rules and regulations affecting employee health and welfare.
11.Working knowledge of various police communications equipment and procedures.
12. Skill in the use of enforcement and other types of equipment such as firearms, various enforcement devices, photographic, voice recording, etc.
Preferred: 1. Associate Degree or Higher
2. Certification or eligibility for certification upon hire as a law enforcement officer by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB).
To Apply:

Applicants must submit the following documents using the online application:

Cover letter, resume, DJ-LE-330, and contact information for three references 

For questions regarding your application and additional options to apply, contact Human Resources at or 920-424-1166.

Application Deadline:

TO ENSURE CONSIDERATION: Applications received by November 19th, 2017 are ensured full consideration. Applications received after that date may be given consideration at the discretion of the search committee. Application materials will be evaluated and the most qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process. Incomplete and/or late application materials may not receive consideration.

If you have questions regarding this recruitment, or if you are not able to complete the application online due to a disability or system problem, please contact the Office of Human Resources.


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